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This is what awaits you in the C&A online shop. Welcome! We have just the right clothing for every taste. Choose betweenmenswear,women's clothingandchildren's clothingThis is the easiest way for you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can browse to your heart's content in various fashion categories or be inspired by the trends and looks for your own wardrobe that have been put together especially for you. Which trends should no longer be missing in your wardrobe or that of your child? Find out and treat yourself to a great new outfit at an unexpectedly low price. Here you can afford it and get good quality that you will enjoy for a long time. Would you like to be kept up to date on the latest discount campaigns, vouchers and other innovations in the C&A Shop so that you don't miss a bargain? Then sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to be informed about fashion trends at C&A!

C&A is one of the world's largest retailers of organic cotton

Let us inspire you: We always have new surprises and real fashion highlights ready for you. This is possible because we are interested in your wishes and needs and set sustainable processes in motion throughout the company accordingly. In the 19th century, C&A completely recreated an industry with inexpensive fashion and created a market with enormous popularity. Traditions are still very important to us today, but only if they don't slow us down in the constant development towards sustainable clothing. You will always find good prices with us. But did you know that C&A is one of the world's largest retailers of certified organic cotton? When it comes to our clothing, we not only rely on the attractive design and good workmanship, we attach great importance to the fact that we use environmentally friendly materials and cultivation methods. That's why we started promoting the use of organic fibers and other sustainable raw materials more than a decade ago. This is the only way we can meet our own claim of always moving with the times in the fashion industry.

C&A offers you very special bargains

Whether you want to visit us in our branches across Germany or enjoy browsing through our wide range of products online - for us it is part of enabling you to have a unique shopping experience. Every customer is important to us, we want to enable affordable quality products for everyone with our range of fashion and our customer service. We would like to thank you for your loyalty and point out that we have very special bargains in store for you in the C&A sale. Clothing for special occasions and sports - you will find the best selection here

Every part a favourite

You will not only find the latest trends and many potential favorite pieces with us, you will also get them in exactly the right size. Feel beautiful in modern clothes that simply fit. Here you will find cheap jeans that are so comfortable that you will want to wear them every day. It goes with what you like. A hip oneKnitted sweatersperhaps? Or a happy oneBlousemade of light chiffon? Whether romanticDress, shortRockor warmcardiganwhether leisure outfit withT-Shirtand capri pants or a serious women's suit - with us you will find what you need in the right quality and at an affordable price.

Great selection for babies and children

With our child-friendly clothing, even the little ones are fine. We offer functionalBabymode, which inspires with a well thought-out design in many cheerful colours. When the boys and girls grow up, you can dress them up in our great children's fashion up to size 176. Here you will find what every child needs - and at affordable prices. After all, it's always a surprise how quickly little ones outgrow clothes that fit perfectly yesterday. Being aware of this, we have tailored our range of children's clothing to your needs and a normal budget. Discover with usfirst wear, which not only looks cute enough to eat, but is also characterized by a high level of functionality. With us you getWickelbodys,romperand baby overalls as wellThe baby jacketfor any weather. The older boys are enthusiastic about cool jeans and tops with colorful prints or trendy oneshoodies. The offer for girls also impresses with its variety, which not only has some great eye-catchers in store. Here you will find imaginative onesgirls blouses, fabulous dresses and cheeky skirts, as well as functional jackets and rubber boots for children, so that they are well dressed in the transitional period. Also light summer jackets and warm, water-repellent onesChildren's winter jacketsand boots ensure that your child is always properly dressed for the break in kindergarten or the way to school.

Perfect style for the office

And there is also a lot to discover for men in our range. We offer you classicMen's shirts for the officeandcasual shirtsfor the relaxing time afterwards and the weekend. The perfect office outfit also includes a well-tailored oneAnzughoseand a timeless jacket that you can also use for many other occasions. Give your outfit a finishing touch with a classicFineor men's blazer and you're always properly dressed. In your free time, things can of course be much more casual. With cozy shorts and a sporty t-shirt you are perfectly dressed for an afternoon in the garden. For cooler days you will find warm knit sweaters,Sweatshirtsand longPantsReleases. Choose the style that best suits your personality so you feel comfortable. And if you don't mind a little extra comfort, simply combine a functionalWest, which offers additional pockets and also ensures that you are always protected from the wind and the associated chills.

Discover fashion trends for women, men and children at C&A!

Whether it's a smart dirndl or a costume for the Oktoberfest, a long, elegant dress in different cuts like aA line dress,bodycon dress, empire dress,Fit and flare dressor a narrow onePencil casefor the romantic dance evening or the sparkling oneSilvester-Outfit. For every special occasion, from the wedding of your best friend to Easter and Christmas, you will find what you are looking for in every age group. After all, we want you and your loved ones to be able to present your best side at all times and shine with good taste.Festive attireOf course, we also have large sizes, so that there really is something for every one of our customers. Online shopping at C&A should simply be fun and deliver exactly what you want. Discover many exciting trends now!

Are you going on vacation? We wish you a lot of fun, good relaxation and offer you the ideal outfit for summer holidays as well as for skiing holidays at the colder time of the year. We have inexpensive seasonal clothing for the whole family, which makes spending time together even more enjoyable. Discover trendy swimwear and matching summer clothing and summer accessories such as a long tunic, summer hats and extra large sunglasses. You don't have to worry about the children playing either, they are optimally protected from UV radiation with a long beach shirt or bathing suits with colorful motifs. In winter, the same applies to undisturbed play in the snow. With water-repellent snow suits, cozy hats and warm scarves in bright colors, the whole family is well equipped to build a huge snowman together and enjoy the time together. Whether in summer or winter, with our clothing you are well equipped in every season.

We have thought of everything for you and now wish you lots of fun with your inexpensive online purchase from C&A.


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