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  • Search interface for Florida Department of Corrections inmate and supervised offender records.

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  • FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS · APPLY NOW · OFFENDER SEARCH · VISITING ... Inmate Mortality -- Florida Department of Corrections /pub/mortality/index ...

  • 501 SOUTH CALHOUN STREET TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 32399-2500 850-488-7052

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  • Dec 18, 2022 · Visit the Florida DOC website. Navigate to and click on "Offender Search" in the menu section. Click on "Search All Corrections Offender ...

  • The Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) aims to uphold public safety by providing information on inmates freely. It provides this service through the Florida state offender locator tool on its website.  Here are the steps to follow to do a Florida state inmate search.  Visit the Florida DOC website.  Navigate to and click on “Offender Search” in the menu section.  Click on “Search All Corrections Offender Databases.” There are other search parameters that you can use if you wish to do a more refined search. They include;  Inmate population information search  Inmate release information search  Inmate escape information search  Supervised population information search  Absconder/ fugitive information search        4. Fill in the requested inmate details. Information to input includes;  Last and first name.  DC number        5. Tick the appropriate boxes according to how you want your searches to appear. For example;  If you wish to receive the aliases of the inmate, tick the “Search aliases” box.   To speed up the offender search process, you can tick the “Do not show photos on the offender list pages.”  There is also an option to list only the inmates that have photos.        6. Click on “Submit Request.” The search results yield inmate names that resemble your search criteria. To view a specific inmate, click on an inmate’s name in the name column.  The inmate search in Florida will give the following information about the offender: Their demographics – These include name, aliases, race, and sex  The correctional facility that currently holds them.  Their day of incarceration as well as their release date.  Type of custody  Their sentence history includes the offense committed, offense date, sentence date, county of incarceration, and duration of the prison sentence.  The Florida Department of Corrections provides the following disclaimer in the search for inmates.  Inmates may occasionally move or transfer. So information displayed on the website may not necessarily reflect the current whereabouts of an inmate. However, Florida DOC does its best to update the information regularly.  The website displays only the information of inmates in state prisons. Contact the local sheriff’s department for the jail roster if you wish to locate inmates in county jails. 

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  • To search for an inmate in a Florida Department of Corrections facility, use inmate population information search online.

  • Florida Department of Corrections inmate search online, locate inmates in Florida DOC facilities.

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  • Step-by-Step Guide on Using Florida Offender Lookup Tool · Visit the Florida Department of Corrections website. · Click on the "Offender Search" link at the top ...

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  • Sep 19, 2023 · One of the most convenient methods is to use the online inmate search tool provided by the Florida Department of Corrections. This searchable ...

  • The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) is the agency responsible for overseeing the correctional facilities and inmates in the state. Florida operates one of the largest prison systems in the U.S., with more than 50 major state facilities, including prisons, work camps, and reception centers. Offenders in the state may be placed in state-run prisons, privately managed facilities, or county jails depending on their sentence and criminal background. What Constitutes Inmate Records in Florida Inmate records in Florida typically include a variety of information such as the inmate’s name, Department of Corrections number, race, gender, birth date, current location, and expected release date. Additionally, information regarding the type of offense committed, the duration of the sentence, and any parole or disciplinary actions may also be included in the records. Inmate Search Options in This State Florida offers various ways to search for inmates. One of the most convenient methods is to use the online inmate search tool provided by the Florida Department of Corrections. This searchable database allows you to input various criteria such as name, DC number, or other identifying information. If you are looking for older records, those may be available through archived databases or upon request from the Department of Corrections. About Florida Inmate Search The Florida Inmate Search tool is designed to make it easier for family members, friends, and the general public to locate inmates who are incarcerated in a state correctional facility. The tool is updated frequently to ensure that the most current information is available. Steps to Use the State Inmate Lookup Tool Navigate to the Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Search website. Enter the relevant information such as the inmate’s name, DC number, or other identifiers. Click the “Search” button. Review the search results and click on the appropriate inmate profile to access more detailed information. Offline Methods If you prefer not to use online methods, you can also request inmate information through mail or by visiting the Department of Corrections in person. However, it’s important to note that this method might take longer and may require you to provide a valid reason for the information request, such as being a family member or legal representative. How to Find Inmates in County Jails County jails in Florida are operated by individual counties and house inmates who are awaiting trial or serving sentences that are less than one year. To find an inmate in a county jail, you should visit the website of the specific county’s Sheriff’s Office. Most of these websites have an inmate search function where you can look up inmates by name or booking number. If the information is not available online, you can call the jail directly or visit in person to request inmate information. How to Find Inmates in Federal Prisons in Florida Federal prisons are operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and house inmates who have been convicted of federal crimes. Florida is home to several federal prisons, including but not limited to FCC Coleman, FCI Marianna, and FCI Miami. To find an inmate in a federal prison, you can use the BOP’s Inmate Locator. Simply enter the inmate’s name or registration number and the system will provide you with information on their location, offenses, and estimated release date. Florida Sex Offender Search and How to Use It Florida maintains a public sex offender registry that enables the public to search for registered sex offenders residing in the state. The search can be conducted using multiple criteria, such as name, neighborhood, or school zone. You can use the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Sexual Offender and Predator System to perform this search. To use the tool, follow these steps: Navigate to the FDLE Sexual Offender and Predator System website. Input the relevant criteria like name or location. Hit the “Search” button to obtain a list of registered sex offenders that match your search criteria. Click on the individual profiles for more detailed information, including their offenses and current address. Verification of Information While efforts are made to keep databases and online tools up-to-date, it is always recommended to verify any information obtained through these platforms. The verification process can usually be conducted by contacting the relevant correctional facility, Sheriff’s Office, or federal agency directly to confirm the details. Keep in mind that information might change over time, and it’s always best to use multiple sources for cross-verification.

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  • The Florida Department of Corrections has a search tool on its website where the public can search for an inmate incarcerated in state prison. You can search ...

  • Find information about the prisons and jails in Florida and search inmate records in FL with 3 easy clicks

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  • 23 hours ago · Free Florida Inmate Lookup. Search for offenders in Florida Department of Corrections database.

  • In the state of Florida, individuals seeking information on inmates can access inmate records through various channels. For those looking to find inmates housed in state prisons, the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) maintains an online database that allows users to search for inmates by entering the individual’s name or DC number. The database provides essential details such as the inmate’s location, release date, and the offenses committed.  In addition to state prisons, Florida also has numerous county jails that hold inmates. Each county jail has its own system in place for inmate lookup. Most counties provide online search tools where users can enter the inmate’s name, booking number, or date of birth to access information. It is recommended to visit the specific county’s Sheriff’s Office website to obtain accurate inmate information.  VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is a service available in Florida that enables crime victims and other concerned individuals to track the custody status of inmates. Users can register with VINELink to receive notifications about changes in an inmate’s status, such as transfers or releases.  For those seeking information on inmates housed in federal prisons within Florida, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) operates an Inmate Locator tool. This tool allows users to search for inmates by name, register number, or other identifying details. Florida is home to several federal prisons, including Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) Coleman, FCI Marianna, FCI Miami, FCI Tallahassee, and United States Penitentiary (USP) Coleman.  In summary, Florida offers various avenues for conducting inmate lookups, including state prison searches through the FDC database, county jail searches via Sheriff’s Office websites, the VINELink service for victim notifications, and federal prison searches using the BOP’s Inmate Locator tool. 

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