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1. Inmate Locator - Florida Department of Corrections

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  • Search interface for Florida Department of Corrections inmate and supervised offender records.

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3. Inmate Search - Florida Department of Corrections - MyFlorida.com

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  • Search interface for Florida Department of Corrections inmate and supervised offender records.

4. Florida Inmate Search – FL DOC Offender Lookup - montcalm.org

  • Dec 18, 2022 · Visit the Florida DOC website. · Navigate to and click on "Offender Search" in the menu section. · Click on "Search All Corrections Offender ...

  • The Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) aims to uphold public safety by providing information on inmates freely. It provides this service through the Florida state offender locator tool on its website.  Here are the steps to follow to do a Florida state inmate search.  Visit the Florida DOC website.  Navigate to and click on “Offender Search” in the menu section.  Click on “Search All Corrections Offender Databases.” There are other search parameters that you can use if you wish to do a more refined search. They include;  Inmate population information search  Inmate release information search  Inmate escape information search  Supervised population information search  Absconder/ fugitive information search        4. Fill in the requested inmate details. Information to input includes;  Last and first name.  DC number        5. Tick the appropriate boxes according to how you want your searches to appear. For example;  If you wish to receive the aliases of the inmate, tick the “Search aliases” box.   To speed up the offender search process, you can tick the “Do not show photos on the offender list pages.”  There is also an option to list only the inmates that have photos.        6. Click on “Submit Request.” The search results yield inmate names that resemble your search criteria. To view a specific inmate, click on an inmate’s name in the name column.  The inmate search in Florida will give the following information about the offender: Their demographics – These include name, aliases, race, and sex  The correctional facility that currently holds them.  Their day of incarceration as well as their release date.  Type of custody  Their sentence history includes the offense committed, offense date, sentence date, county of incarceration, and duration of the prison sentence.  The Florida Department of Corrections provides the following disclaimer in the search for inmates.  Inmates may occasionally move or transfer. So information displayed on the website may not necessarily reflect the current whereabouts of an inmate. However, Florida DOC does its best to update the information regularly.  The website displays only the information of inmates in state prisons. Contact the local sheriff’s department for the jail roster if you wish to locate inmates in county jails. 

5. Florida Inmate Search - Duval County Jail Roster

  • Step-by-Step Guide on Using Florida Offender Lookup Tool · Visit the Florida Department of Corrections website. · Click on the "Offender Search" link at the top ...

6. Florida Inmate Search, Prison and Jail Information - StateCourts.org

  • The Florida Department of Corrections has a search tool on its website where the public can search for an inmate incarcerated in state prison. You can search ...

  • Find information about the prisons and jails in Florida and search inmate records in FL with 3 easy clicks

7. Inmates - OCFL - Orange County Government

  • Current Inmate Database. This database lists people currently in jail and includes information on their charges, bond amount, and booking photo.

8. Florida Inmate Search - FL DOC Offenders Lookup

  • Florida's extensive prison system is home to thousands of inmates. Finding ... inmate search. This easily accessible and user-friendly platform is available ...

  • Florida’s extensive prison system is home to thousands of inmates. Finding specific information within this expansive network can often prove challenging. Whether you’re looking for an individual, trying to understand the ins and outs of the system, or attempting to maintain contact with an inmate, this guide will provide clarity. Inmate Search in Florida: A […]

9. Florida Inmate Search | StateRecords.org

  • Access real inmate records in the state of Florida. Search for and learn about prisons, prisoners, inmates, criminal charges, online databases, and prison ...

  • Access real inmate records in the state of Florida. Search for and learn about prisons, prisoners, inmates, criminal charges, online databases, and prison structures.

Florida Inmate Search | StateRecords.org

10. Florida Inmate Search – Florida DOC Offender Lookup

  • Sep 25, 2023 · Free Florida Inmate Lookup. Search for offenders in Florida Department of Corrections database.

  • Florida Prison and Jail System Florida boasts a complex and multi-tiered system of correctional facilities, including both state-run prisons and county jails. The Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) oversees the state’s prisons, which house those serving longer sentences for more severe crimes. Who’s In Prison in Florida Inmates in Florida’s state prisons are typically those convicted of felonies and are serving time for crimes that range from burglary and theft to murder. The demographics and specific statistics can vary year by year, but historically, Florida’s prison population reflects trends seen nationwide: a high percentage of inmates for non-violent drug offenses, racial disparities in incarceration rates, and an aging prison population. Florida Inmate Search and Inmate Records Florida Inmate Search is an online tool provided by the FDOC to help the public locate and obtain information about inmates currently incarcerated in the state’s prison system. What Constitutes Inmate Records in Florida Inmate records in Florida typically include: Personal details such as name, date of birth, and mugshot. Current and past offenses. Sentence details, including length and location of incarceration. Parole or probation status. These records are essential for those looking to communicate or visit an inmate, or for those conducting background checks or research. Online Inmate Search Process The online inmate search process in Florida is user-friendly. Users can visit the official Florida Department of Corrections website and navigate to the “Inmate Search” function. Here, one can input the full name or partial name of the inmate they’re seeking. The search results provide a list of inmates matching the criteria, and users can click on a specific name for detailed information. It’s important to note that while the online system is updated frequently, there might be slight delays in reflecting recent changes, such as transfers between facilities or releases. County Jail Records in Florida In Florida, while the state’s prisons are managed by the FDOC, each county manages its own jail system. These county jails primarily house inmates who are awaiting trial or serving short sentences. Each county’s Sheriff’s Department typically maintains the county jail records. To access these records, individuals usually need to contact the respective county’s Sheriff’s Department or visit their official website. Many counties offer an online inmate search similar to the state’s system, but the features and details available might differ from county to county. Examples include the Miami-Dade County Inmate Search or the Orange County Inmate Search. Finding Inmates in Federal Prisons in Florida Florida is home to several federal prisons. Federal prisons are managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and house individuals convicted of federal crimes. To find an inmate in a federal prison within Florida or anywhere in the U.S., individuals can use the BOP’s online Inmate Locator. By entering the inmate’s name, BOP number, or other details, users can quickly identify the location and status of a federal inmate. Offline Inmate Search Methods in Florida While online methods are prevalent in today’s digital age, offline methods still exist and can be useful for those without internet access or seeking older records. Some offline methods include: Visiting in Person: Many correctional facilities have records departments that can assist with inmate inquiries. Phone Inquiries: The FDOC and county jails often have helplines that can provide information on inmates. Mail Requests: Some facilities or departments allow for mail requests for inmate details, though this method is slower and may require a fee. When utilizing offline methods, it’s advisable to have as much information on hand as possible about the inmate to expedite the search process. Florida Sex Offender Search Florida maintains a dedicated registry for sex offenders, managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The public can access this database to locate registered sex offenders residing in Florida. The Florida Sex Offender Registry allows users to search by name, address, or zip code, providing detailed information on registered offenders, including their current address, photo, and offense details. This registry is an invaluable tool for individuals and families looking to ensure their safety and be informed about their neighborhood.

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